Baby Room
Toddler Room
Nursery Room
Kindie Room
Pre-school Room

Baby Room

The babies enjoyed exploring the sensory tiles on the floor alongside the the sensory tubes.
The babies like to open, close and go through the discovery door, they use it to pull themselves to standing.
They also enjoy musical instruments.
The baby room enjoy helping the staff sweeping up.
They enjoyed finding the animals in the foam.
While out on a nature walk, the baby room found some dried leaves and put them in their play tray, the babies thoroughly enjoyed mixing, swishing and throwing these to explore them.
The babies sponge painted with angels.

Toddler Room

The toddlers enjoyed dough making and rolling it out.
Dressing up and role playing with their friends.
Toddler room always have such fun in yoga sessions.
The toddlers sorted out their dollies and helped to dress them all.

Nursery Room

The nursery room enjoyed playing with the sensory lights in the dark.
Soft play was a big hit in nursery room.
The children enjoyed sorting out the dolly clothes and washing the dollies and dressing them again.
The white board is great for felt tips.
The children worked together collaboratively and did a large scale drawing.
The nursery room enjoy cooking.
The nursery room have been busy making Christmas decorations using glitter, glue and paint.
Nursery room really enjoy outdoor play and splashing in the puddles.

Kindie Room

Kindie enjoy their weekly yoga sessions.
Kindie love to go into Pre-school and play on the interactive play board.
The children worked together collaboratively to create a large scale picture.
The Kindie children used paint dabbers to make pictures.
Gloop is always enjoyed by the children, they love to feel the texture.
The children found some branches with leaves on them on their nature walk and used them to paint pictures.

Pre-school Room

The children enjoyed doing tree rubbings while they were out on the field.
Pre-school enjoy having the parachute out and laying on top of it.
The children chopped vegetables and then made vegetable soup to take home.
Coloured slime was in the messy tray in Pre-school.
The Pre-school children worked together to build with large construction, using various materials.
The Pre-school children made pizza and chose their toppings.
Role-play is always fun in Pre-school.
Bathing and sorting dollies was a great activity enjoyed by all.
Russian dolls helps the children learn maths and is also fun.
Decorating our Christmas tree together in Pre-school.

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