Baby Room
Toddler Room
Nursery Room
Pre-school and Kindie

Baby Room

Baby room loved their sensory workshop where parents were invited to join us for an hour of sensory play. The babies loved having the lights turned off and the dark den out playing with light-up toys, touchy-feely materials and exploring their taste and smell senses in the porridge oat play.

Baby room have also been sticking different colours and textures onto their butterflies, sand painting and messy activities including, cornflour, custard and shredded paper.

Toddler Room

Toddler room had great fun with the soft play, climbing and building with the different shapes. We have also been outside planting all sorts of summer flowers in our nursery garden. Following our summer theme, Toddler Room have also been sticking lots of pretty colours on to card to make butterflies for our display.

Nursery Room

Nursery Room have been making the most of the sunny weather and have been using our paddock and grassy area outside to explore bugs, trees and all things nature.
The children have been excited to be able to use the paddock play area with the older children and have enjoyed playing on the swings, slides and swing boat.
The Nursery Room looked at our different pets last month and made comparisons between our snails, gerbils and rabbits
The children in Nursery Room always enjoy dressing up in their ‘people who help us’ outfits
The children worked very hard making and painting and then playing in their big red fire engine
They made a large collage using their feet and paints
Some of the nursery children found some unusual things in our hay bowl.

Pre-school and Kindie

The children enjoyed learning about pets during our ‘Pet Week’.
They learned about Giant African Land Snails, they looked at insects through their magnifiers.
The children made pet spiders and caterpillars.
Learning the letter G and cutting it out.
On ‘Red Day’ the children made and painted a big red bus and made red playdough.
The children love to balance the stepping stones in the garden.
The Pre-school made a restuarant in their role play area and did a cooking activity for this.
The children all took part in a group dancing activity.
The children all enjoyed running their fingers through the pasta and gloop and making patterns.
In our ‘people who help us’ week the children played with puppets, explored the Fire Engine and made stop signs for crossing the road.

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