Baby Room
Toddler Room
Nursery Room
Kindie Room
Pre-school Room

Baby Room

Baby Room have been enjoying playing with the water to help cool down.
One baby loves to sweep up.
Shredded paper play is always a success in the baby room.
The babies painted with car tyres making tracks for our transport week.
The babies love to hear stories in the garden.
Musical instruments are a noisy fun time in baby room.

Toddler Room

Toddler Room love having a chat and a play with their friends in the garden.
Toddlers enjoy the many times they can play with the sand during the day, inside and out.
Toddlers made shakers for their music time.
The toddler room made pebbles from salt dough and then enjoyed painting them.
Gloop with balls, soap suds with colours and orange sand are some of the messy things that toddlers have enjoyed recently.
The liquid tiles are a big interest for the children and the adults.
Yoga is an activity the toddlers really enjoy.
Some toddlers can build towers bigger than themselves.
The toddlers created some fantastic pictures using marble paints.

Nursery Room

Nursery Room have enjoyed climbing on, building bridges, with and sitting inside our new outdoor construction.
Soft play in the garden was enjoyed by Nursery Room.
The children used crates to build themselves a bridge and then walked across it to jump from one thing to another.
The children in Nursery Room love to explore nature and were recently exploring rabbit holes, climbing steps, looking at tree stumps and picking buttercups on one of our nature walks.
Peter rabbit is a welcome visitor in Nursery Room, the children enjoy playing with him.
The children in Nursery Room made their own pizzas and chose their toppings, yum, yum
Nursery Room love to get messy mixing sand and water, it is so much fun especially with coloured sand.
The children enjoyed exploring with paints and painted their bodies, exploring textures, colours and sensations.
The children looked at different fruits and vegetables and talked about them and smelt and felt them.
Nursery Room used their skills to cut their fruits.

Kindie Room

The children in Kindie Room have been using spray paints to create a large picture outside.
The Kindie enjoyed practicing their skills when cutting vegetables.
They used ice-cream cones to paint circles.
The children have great fun with their friends in the garden.
They made chocolate apples and enjoyed throwing the ball on the paper after dipping it into the paint.
The Kindie children always enjoy our weekly yoga sessions.

Pre-school Room

The Pre-school children have been getting very muddy in the paddock in June! They all had a great time exploring the wet, sticky mud and getting covered themselves.
The children printed with fruits and explored all different kinds of vegetables.
The Pre-school children made red gloop and splashed around with it, lifting it and letting it run through their fingers.
They made yummy strawberry yoghurts.
We all apply sun cream before going outside in Pre-school.
The children joined in making a large picture outside with spray paints.
The children enjoyed role playing driving a car in the paddock.

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