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The Pre-School held a very interesting music workshop last month. One of our parents who is a professional musician very kindly agreed to come in and conduct a music session with the children. She bought along her Cello and played to the children and then the children experimented with sounds from our musical instruments.

Toddlers, Nursery and Babies

Baby Room made a little path in their corridor using their own footprints. Most babies enjoyed feeling the cool paint on the soles of their feet as they walked along the white paper making their marks.

Babies had great fun rolling out dough for pizza making using the rolling pins.
The Baby Room explored colours and patterns whilst roller painting.
Toddler Room used tubes to paint circle patterns, twisting and overlapping the shapes.
Toddler Room made yummy cookies and had fun rolling and cutting.
Shredded paper play was a big hit in the toddler room, one toddler in particular climbed into the tray to engross himself more.
Nursery Room made a mess with gloop last month. The children were fascinated by the composition of the gloop as it ran through their fingers and settled back into the tray. When green glitter was added the children saw the texture change and were amused by the little dots in the tray.
Nursery Room children made swirls, splashes and splats with the foam play last month. They used their fingers and whole hands to move lines and shapes to create patterns.
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