Baby Room
Toddler Room
Nursery Room
Kindie and Pre-school

Baby Room

Baby Room have been enjoying playing peekaboo with mirrors.
Made lovely underwater creatures using sponge painting.
Who can build the highest tower with blocks.
The babies always enjoy looking through pictures from home.
Sand and water is great fun in baby room.
Jelly play was tasty and fantastic to feel through the babies fingers.

Toddler Room

Toddler Room have thoroughly enjoyed visits from stick insects, hamsters and Stanley the Giant African Land Snail for our pet week.
The children have been exploring ice cubes, the taste and touch of them for our weather week.
Our weekly yoga session is a big hit in the toddler room.
The toddlers always love to read stories to their friends.
Sand play is out everyday in the toddlers.
Small world play is enjoyed by small groups in toddler room.
Outdoor play on the slides, trikes and balance beams are always a good motivator for tolddlers.
The toddlers always love popping bubbles.

Nursery Room

Nursery Room use the outdoor space for their learning and have been on nature walks, discovered fallen branches, climbed fences, inspected trees, found millipeeds and worms.
The Nursery children have used some of their natural objects in their art work, the children enjoyed painting pine cones with toothbrushes and painting with branches.
The children in nursery room have had visits from Stanley the Giant snail and the hamster during pet week.
The children have planted sunflowers which are growing rapidly.
The children in nursery room always love to build using various different construction tools.

Kindie and Pre-school

The Kindie and Pre-school children have been making underwater creatures for their underwater display using paints and glue with glitter.
The Pre-school and Kindie children have been using learning various ways of construction using different resources.
Children have been comparing the sizes and shapes they have constructed.
The children love to take their learning outdoors and have been using paints in various mediums and getting messy outside.
The children have enjoyed learning about the giant snail the gerbils, the rabbit and the hamster in Pet Week.
The children have become doctors and nurses using our medical set.
The Kindie children thoroughly enjoyed designing and making their own pizza’s and then eating them.
The children had another visit from the children’s centre and they all had a go at controlling a remote controlled car.
Some children try to work out our lock and bolt puzzles.
Dressing up is always fun in Pre-school.
Cooking is a great learning experience in Pre-school and Kindie Rooms.
The children found a novel way of using our peg boards.
Some children turn their hands to DIY when things need fixing.
The children will always dig in the garden using whatever they can find laying around.
The children enjoyed discovering worms and woodlice in the garden.

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