Stables Poem – Serendipity

Growth and development at Stables, all day
With imaginative adventures and creative play
All the colours are bold and bright
Large open spaces reflect the light

Stimulate the senses and excite the mind,
With enticing smells of the yummy kind
Stories and playtime are all learning fun
This is interaction balanced with one on one

Growth and development of the body and brain
Are so inseparable, they are one in the same
They need to be nurtured by a positive force
To set your children along the best course

Physical challenges, set inside and out
Learning through play and running about
Finding their space, their balance, their key
Teaching your children, the meaning of me

Big smiling faces at the end of the day
“Look mummy, at my picture I painted today”
Increase independence from their daily learning
For Stables nursery, they will be yearning

Bring your children, the big and the small
Give them a chance to explore their all
Stables daycare where children run to be
To learn with caring adults at this new nursery

Dedicated to Stables by H. M. Jeffrey

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