What you like about Stables Daycare

  • Very caring, friendly and patient staff
  • Lots off feedback at handovers at the end of the day
  • All staff are kind and interested in the children and their progress
  • Lots of ideas for play and activities
  • Newsletters are detailed and informative
  • Felt very reassured when child started
  • Good outdoor facilities that are used frequently in all weather
  • Outdoor learning/forest school
  • Good balanced food – healthy and encourages good eating habits
  • Amazing response to Covid-19 – felt like our children were safe and happy
  • Regular walks and learning trips
  • Variety of activities
  • Flexibility of hours
  • Caring and nurturing environment
  • Children are so happy to come into Stables and always has a great time
  • The staff know all the children’s names ’.
  • Seeing the children grow to be independent
  • Good relationships built between staff and children
  • Staff turnover lower compared to other nurseries
  • Freedom for children to choose what they want to get involved in
  • Happy environment
  • Staff encouraging respectful play for example putting trust in them paying with a breakable tea set
  • Photos and comments on Tapestry
  • Newsletter and communication is excellent
  • Baby room feels very homely


What you would like us to improve about Stables Daycare

  • More tapestrythe staff do Tapestry when they can throughout the day where possible and are given additional time out of the room during the quieter times such as the school holidays when they can catch up with observations. The staff are all given observations and tapestry as one of their targets in their supervisions.
  • More varied menuthe menu is reviewed for each of the winter and summer seasons and has a range of meals and snacks that are healthy and balanced. The menu is changed from the winter and summer season and new ideas are being looked at. We have taken some suggestions from parent’s and are reviewing the menus once again. The new Summer menu will begin in March and the new Winter menu will begin in October.
  • Visibility of menuthe menus are available to view on the board in the reception area by the office, the website and in all of the play rooms. Click here to view the menus.
  • Know more about what they have done during the day not just what they have eaten and slept and if anything important has happenedthe staff try to give a thorough handover about what has happened and what the children have done throughout the day, however through the pandemic we have had to shorter handovers to shorten close contact when not necessary. In addition, if more than one parent is collecting their child at the same time with the same key person then it is not always possible to be as detailed as other times. However, if you have any concerns or queries that have not been discussed, please feel free to email us with them as the emails are checked most evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Consequences for Preschool children when they don’t behavethe staff follow our behaviour policy and manage a situation appropriately. At Stables we prefer to focus on and promote positive behaviour and will reward it. We try to have positive and appropriate expectations for children and do not dwell on behaviour that may seem unacceptable.
  • More options for children with intolerances such as soya yoghurt or ice cream so they can have the same as the other childrenwe informed the chef of this and she has implemented more variety in puddings to make it similar to what the other children are having. There are a variety of meals that the children with allergies and intolerances can have and this will be incorporated into the menu review.
  • More phonics for preschoolphonics are put on the interactive board after lunch in Preschool and the children will join in if they want too, we do not insist that children are involved in certain activities, we prefer them to choose for themselves. It is more important for children to be enjoying and have an enthusiasm for their learning. Our job is to provide lots of different opportunities for children to learn similar concepts in different ways to meet the needs of all children as individuals.
  • Encouragement in learning to write their name – if the children show interest in writing then the staff will find different ways to encourage writing and help children to take the next step. Children are given many opportunities to learn to mark make and write and draw. This may also be encouraged when they make occasion cards to give it a go but children are not expected to sit and write their name as there are more important things for them to learn in terms of social and emotional development and writing will come as a standard practice when they start the National Curriculum at aged 5-6 years.
  • Help teach which feet shoes go onwhen the children get ready for the garden or come in from the garden the staff will help children when putting on their shoes if required. In preschool they talk about the way the Velcro goes on the shoe and which foot it goes on. If shoes are on the wrong feet and children like it that way then they are allowed to wear them that way, if they want them changed around then the staff will correct them.
  • Wearing protection during lunch and messy activities to protect clothesin the nursery building they wear bibs at meal times. For messy activities including painting, aprons are encouraged to be worn but not all children like to wear them. Children will be allowed to take part in messy activities regardless of whether they choose to wear an apron or not as the learning they gain from the experience of the activities out weigh the battle of the aprons and we do not want to risk spoiling their interest in activities by insisting on them wearing an apron. You are advised to send your children into nursery in old clothes that you do not mind getting marked or stained because we want to promote learning, not stifle it.
  • Forest school, is it going to start again?we never stopped going to forest school, we aim to take each group of children at least once a week and always rotate which children go if we can’t take all of them. This can only happen when we have sufficient staff levels to maintain good levels of staff at the nursery and in the forest or outdoor learning space and if the wind is not too strong as this can be dangerous in the forest. If we cannot go, it will be for good reasons as we always strive to go because it is such a valuable learning experience for the children.
  • The transition into different rooms can be tricky when the expectations are different – we aim to give all of the nursery building children some experience sessions in the next room before moving, they normally have a month of experience. In the Pre-school and Kindie building, it is slightly different. The Nursery room to Kindie usually have experience but due to not wanting to mix the building bubbles, we have been unable to give children experience in the other building and so have used the longer holiday time for children to come back and go straight into the nest room. From Kindie to Pre-school, the children do not tend to have experience as Kindie is a transition room and so children tend to spend the 6 months they are in Kindie, sharing the garden and playing in the room over that period as they transition into Pre-school. At the moment the rooms are kept separate as much as possible to limit interactions so transitions are not as smooth at the moment as they usually would be. The staff try to meet the individual needs of each child.
  • Returning to farmers marketwhen restrictions have eased and we feel it is safe to go we will be able to return.


The relevant points have been added to our next staff room to be discussed with the staff to make necessary improvements.

Thank you for your time and feedback when completing our questionnaires, we really value your thoughts.




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