Development Proposal

I wanted to let you know about an exciting proposal for a potential development for Stables Daycare.

This would be an opportunity to develop and update our existing buildings and expand into the sports hall, currently owned by Fosse Bank School, creating more indoor and outdoor space for our existing children and allowing us to reduce our waiting list. The proposals would be for a new laundry facility, staff room, more storage, a new car park for the staff and parents and a much larger outdoor play area for the children.

The proposed development will section off the nursery, making it safer for everyone to use. This will involve Stables purchasing the third building in our vicinity and create a more enclosed site. This will be much safer for everyone and is a very welcomed opportunity for us.

This is coming alongside a proposal for development of a portion of land owned by the school which runs along the back beyond the VO2 Centre. This development will help the school update their facilities, to restore and maintain parts of their beautiful manor house. The proposed development for Stables is conditional on these proposals for Fosse Bank School coming forward. We believe this to be of mutual benefit to the whole site. The proposals are available to view and you will be able to provide your feedback on the website.

Of course we would welcome your support and in addition if you have any concerns please email them directly to

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